Experienced sea captain, Abdulla Mohamed Ibrahim,founded his trading company in 1981 to serve the growing demand for modern marine technology in the United Arab Emirates.

Over the years, he has navigated the company through a period of intense growth and secured regional distributorships for leading international brands across multiple sectors from marine and aviation navigation to water sports, outdoor recreation and fitness.

Established in 1985 in the UAE, AMIT Real Estate has been at the forefront of UAE’s Real Estate market, delivering Residential, Commercial & Industrial properties across UAE and Thailand. Customer satisfaction and relationship building are of paramount importance; hence high-quality standards are applied to all property lending transactions. Visit our website to learn more.

AMIT RETAIL is a one-stop shop for globally renowned Outdoor Adventure brands in the UAE. Brands participating in the warehouse sale include Garmin, Tacx, Atomic, Bare, Yamaha, Stahlsac, Zeagle, Oceanic, Omer, Blue Sea, Hella Marine, Plastimo, Subgear, Sharkskin, Seac, Scubapro, Riffe, Palantic, Light & Motion, Gull, Epsealon, Fifth Element, AB Biller, Big Mouth and Wow.

AMIT Engineering commenced its journey in 2022 and is fully operational in UAE at DMC, W-133 Dubai. Being a business division of AMIT International Group that has been in this industry for four decades and continues to prevail in its heritage, excellence, ambition, integrity, and determination. AMIT Engineering provides quality-driven service to suit the ever-growing needs of this dynamic market, keeping customers at the core."


Automation & Instrumentation

AMS delivers Marine Automation solutions to help provide a safer, secure, environmentally efficient, completely digitalized maritime services. Leveraging our extensive experienced and qualified engineer in Marine Automation control system and software solution. You'll experience higher product quality, more efficient tuning, more refined control, and better process visibility by getting the right people in the right place, with the right information.
AMIT Marine Services is well equipped for the inspection, installation and calibration of all kinds of process control equipment onboard the vessel. We also have well equipped calibration lab in-house for all kind of standardization.

We undertake following services with responsible and there by keeping customer equipment error free.

Digital Switching System & IBS


Get the integrated-boat experience with digital switching that allows you to operate onboard electrical functions right from your hand.

Digital switching systems offer several advantages in a boat compared to traditional mechanical switches or analog systems. Some of these advantages include:

Convenience: Digital switching systems allow boaters to control all electrical functions on their boat from a single control panel. This eliminates the need to run around the boat to turn on or off different switches, making it much more convenient and efficient.

Improved safety: Digital switching systems can help improve safety by allowing the boat's electrical system to be monitored in real-time. This means that potential issues can be identified and addressed before they become safety hazards.

Reduced wiring complexity: Digital switching systems require less wiring than traditional mechanical switches, which can help reduce the risk of electrical problems caused by loose or damaged wires.

Increased reliability: Digital switching systems are generally more reliable than mechanical switches, which can wear out over time and require maintenance or replacement.

Customization: Digital switching systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of a boater. This allows for a more tailored and intuitive user experience and can help simplify the control of complex systems on board.

Overall, digital switching systems can offer significant benefits to boat owners, including increased convenience, safety, reliability, and customization.


Integrated Control and Monitoring Systems (ICMS) are also widely used in the marine industry. In this context, they are typically referred to as Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) or Integrated Navigation Systems (INS). These systems integrate the control and monitoring of various shipboard systems such as navigation, propulsion, and communication into a single user interface.

The main components of an ICMS in a marine context typically include:

Navigation systems: including radar, electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS), automatic identification systems (AIS), global positioning systems (GPS), and heading sensors.

Propulsion systems: including engine control systems, propeller pitch control, thruster control, and power management systems.

Communication systems: including VHF radios, satellite communication systems, and emergency communication systems.

Safety systems: including fire detection and suppression systems, bilge and ballast control systems, and security systems.

Monitoring and alarm systems: including fuel management systems, cargo management systems, and environmental monitoring systems

The benefits of ICMS in a marine setting include increased situational awareness, improved safety and reliability, and reduced crew workload. These systems can also help to optimize ship operations and reduce fuel consumption, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.

Automation and Control Systems

  • Digital Switching system
  • Tank gauging solutions
  • Integrated Bridge Automation
  • Engine control system
  • 15 PPM Monitor for the Oily Water Separators
  • ODME systems
  • Tank Level Gauging systems
  • UTI Gauging
  • Bilge Alarm System
  • Oil Water Separator
  • Oil Mist Detection System
  • Cargo Tank Level, Temperature and Pressure Monitoring System
  • Cargo Valves Control System

Gas Analyzers and Detectors

Gas analyzers and detectors are critical safety devices used in the marine industry to detect and monitor potentially hazardous gases in the air. These gases could come from fuel leaks, engine exhaust, or other sources, and they can pose a serious risk to crew members and passengers if they are not detected and addressed quickly.

Marine gas analyzers and detectors are designed to detect a wide range of gases, including carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide, and other toxic or flammable gases. They use sensors that can detect gas concentrations in the air and trigger alarms when those concentrations reach unsafe levels.

Some common types of gas analyzers and detectors used in the marine industry include:

Carbon monoxide detectors: These devices are used to detect carbon monoxide gas, which can be produced by engines, generators, and other combustion sources. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause serious health problems and even death in high concentrations.

Combustible gas detectors: These devices are used to detect flammable gases such as methane and propane. They are often used in areas where fuel leaks or spills may occur.

Oxygen monitors: These devices are used to monitor the oxygen levels in enclosed spaces such as engine rooms, cargo holds, or other confined spaces. Low oxygen levels can cause dizziness, confusion, and even unconsciousness.

Hydrogen sulfide detectors: These devices are used to detect the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas, which is produced by decaying organic matter and can be extremely toxic in high concentrations.

Gas analyzers and detectors are essential safety devices for the marine industry, helping to protect crew members and passengers from potentially hazardous gases. Different types of gas analyzers and detectors are used to detect different types of gases, and it's essential to use the right device for the job to ensure maximum safety.

  • Single and Multi-Portable Gas detectors
  • Fixed Gas detection systems
  • Fire Detection System
  • Gas Analyzers
  • Alcohol Testers

Pressure, Temperature and Flow

  • Pressure and Temp Gauges
  • Pressure and Temp Transmitters
  • Flow Meters
  • Flow Transmitters
  • Safety Valves

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