Experienced sea captain, Abdulla Mohamed Ibrahim,founded his trading company in 1981 to serve the growing demand for modern marine technology in the United Arab Emirates.

Over the years, he has navigated the company through a period of intense growth and secured regional distributorships for leading international brands across multiple sectors from marine and aviation navigation to water sports, outdoor recreation and fitness.

Established in 1985 in the UAE, AMIT Real Estate has been at the forefront of UAE’s Real Estate market, delivering Residential, Commercial & Industrial properties across UAE and Thailand. Customer satisfaction and relationship building are of paramount importance; hence high-quality standards are applied to all property lending transactions. Visit our website to learn more.

AMIT RETAIL is a one-stop shop for globally renowned Outdoor Adventure brands in the UAE. Brands participating in the warehouse sale include Garmin, Tacx, Atomic, Bare, Yamaha, Stahlsac, Zeagle, Oceanic, Omer, Blue Sea, Hella Marine, Plastimo, Subgear, Sharkskin, Seac, Scubapro, Riffe, Palantic, Light & Motion, Gull, Epsealon, Fifth Element, AB Biller, Big Mouth and Wow.

AMIT Engineering commenced its journey in 2022 and is fully operational in UAE at DMC, W-133 Dubai. Being a business division of AMIT International Group that has been in this industry for four decades and continues to prevail in its heritage, excellence, ambition, integrity, and determination. AMIT Engineering provides quality-driven service to suit the ever-growing needs of this dynamic market, keeping customers at the core."


Our Sustainability

Sustainability and renewability have become the ‘trending’ and the ‘new kid in the block’ in modern business infrastructure that diffuses a range of activities into a single, cohesive impulse: To minimize the effect that business operations have on the local environment, which is paramount to long term moral and economic imperatives.

Sustainability navigates the eugenics of the business in the right direction, through motivation, innovation, and association. The catalyzed engagement in creating sustainable value has always been the foundation of AIG’s modus operandi.

AMIT International Group aims to be positioned as a sustainable brand and organization. In order to attain this milestone, the business focuses on shifting behavior to responsible decisions & actions, diffusing novel ideas into various processes, while continuing business-as-usual.

Under the identity Zero Responsibility, AMIT International Group has initiated multifaceted efforts in its internal and external day-to-day operations, to make a difference for the better. Zero Responsibility is to ‘Think, Act & Protect’ as an organization. As a part of this sustainability drive, AIG encourages and exercises avoiding single-use-plastics through Employee Engagement, CSR, Communications, forging Allies & Key Partnerships, and Customer Service.

Group Sustainability Mission

To Motivate, Ideate and Delegate business transformations by using lesser physical resources to gain more benefit.

Group Sustainability Vision

To trigger and empower Sustainable and Sound Decisions in order to create ripples of Responsible Actions.

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To Motivate, Ideate and Delegate business transformations by using lesser physical resources to gain more benefit. Available soon!

Our Sustainability Matrix

  • Business Operations
  • Compliance
  • Legal
  • Ethics
  • IT
    • People
    • Process
    • Progress
  • Business Resilience
  • Customer Experience
  • Health & Safety
  • Community
  • BCP

Think. Act. Protect.